Victor Eskew Gospel Meeting, November 2017


Please listen to these amazing sermons from Victor Eskew…

  1. The Inward Man, “The Inward Man,” AM Bible Class.
  2. 6 Keys to Victorious Church Growth, “6 Keys to Victorious Church Growth,” AM Sermon
  3. Resolved to Evangelize, “Resolved to Evangelize,” PM Sermon
  4. Christ Crucified, “Christ Crucified,” Monday Night
  5. Resolved to Be a GREAT Example, “Resolved to Be a GREAT Example,” Tuesday Night

Is This YOU?



EARS are open to the cries for help from a lost and dying world.
EYES are ever searching for a receptive heart in which to plant the Word.
LIPS are always ready to proclaim the glory of God.
HANDS are turning the pages of God’s Word, seeking to learn His will.
FEET are on the move to carry the gospel to every creature.
HEART is breaking because some will never hear the gospel.
HEAD is bowed in prayer for wisdom and for workers in the harvest.
FACE glows with the hope that is within.
LIFE is like a light set upon a hill that cannot be hid.
THIS IS A SOULWINNER… but more importantly, IS IT YOU?
MY SOURCE: Bulletin of the Stuttgart (AR) Church of Christ, Joe Spangler, Editor
Posted by David Lemmons

TRUTH, 9/14

by David Lemmons

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It is always a good day when I see in the Email inbox a PDF file from Roger D. Campbell. His monthly TRUTH publication is always a welcome sight. It is always instructive and well worth reading. I am always blessed by it. I now have the September issue uploaded to this site to share with others. I especially like the fourth article and urge you to read them all, but make certain to read the last.

  1. Stand in Awe of the Lord (Psalm 33.8-9)
  2. The Decree of Cyrus (Ezra 1.1-4)
  3. Praying for Evangelism
  4. Hebrews 5.12-14–Signs of Spiritual maturity

TRUTH, 9/14, by Roger D. Campbell

Theo Scullard Visits Maple Hill

by David Lemmons

Theo & Amy Scullard

Theo & Amy Scullard

On June 22nd, the church at Maple Hill had a special treat when Theo and Amy Scullard, along with friend and fellow-student, Josh Holloway, visited. We are helping to support Theo & Amy during Theo’s training at MSOP. Theo gave us an interesting and informative report regarding his future plans in his homeland of South Africa. He also preached a great sermon entitled: “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” We were most favorably impressed by our three visitors and would welcome them back at any time. We certainly wish the very best for them. Theo and Josh have just recently completed their first year of studies at MSOP.

We recorded both of Theo’s presentations and with his permission we make them available below as mp3 files…

Report on South Africa

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

I Am a Tract

by Jim Faughn


DRL NoteA few years ago I came across this article from my friend, Jim Faughn. In it, he helps us to think about the value of some pretty important evangelism helpers. He personalizes the tract in an interesting way here. Please read and think about how you might take advantage of opportunities to spread the saving message by means of tracts. Our friends at Truth for the World, have 72 FREE Tracts that can be downloaded in a ZIP file from this page. They also have many tracts that can be read online.

I Am A Tract

Somebody spent some time and effort in writing me. My author thought that the soul of one individual is worth more than the entire world (cf., Matthew 16:26). The author also believed that the written word is still an effective means of communication.

Because of these beliefs, a considerable amount of time was spent addressing a subject which was intended to lead people to the Lord and His church and/or help them in their service to Him. As the thoughts were put on paper, facts were checked, extensive effort was made to make sure there was proper use of the scriptures, and every effort was made to teach only the subject addressed.

A printer went to work on me. An effort was made during this phase of my development to make me as attractive as possible and to make sure that the words produced were exactly the words of the author. Just as the author wanted to give people something of value to read, the printer wanted to encourage people to read me.

Somebody in a local church made the decision to make me available for people to read. Apparently they thought I was interesting, informative, and/or helpful. They must have believed that I had all kinds of potential.

They knew that I could be picked up in the lobby of the church building and read by those who visited; I could be handed out as people went from door to door to encourage people to study their Bibles; I could be taken to various waiting rooms in the community and could be left in a hospital room by somebody making a visit. The possibilities for good are almost endless. I may be the tool that delivers the  most “bang for the buck” for those who really are interested in teaching the lost and/or strengthening their brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, I am doing nobody any good right now. I am sitting with all of my friends in a tract rack at the church building. I’ve been here for months. I’m getting tired of seeing the same walls day after day. I cannot begin to tell you how many of the same people walk by me week after week without ever looking my way. Apparently, they are unaware of my potential or of their duty to fulfill the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20).

Have you ever thought about the fact that somebody may spend eternity in heaven just because you and I worked together? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Have you ever thought about how great it would be to listen to somebody tell how they became a Christian and realized that a big part of their spiritual journey involved our combined effort?

Will you put me to work, please? Will you do it this week?

White Already to Harvest

by David Lemmons


What a useful, important, beautiful word picture Jesus paints for you and for me in John 4.35ff. Surely this passage needs to be our source of deep meditation and challenging motivation to be involved in, to the greatest extent possible, the PRIMARY work of harvesting souls.

Please read more by clicking H-E-R-E.

Truth for December 2013

by David Lemmons


I have received the latest issue of TRUTH from Roger Campbell. As always, there are four outstanding articles in this issue. I would especially encourage you to read the third article. I think it is a fine presentation of that which should AID local churches. The four articles are as follows…

  1. Should We Be Grace-Oriented or Doctrine-Oriented
  2. Isaiah 2.1-4–The Coming Mountain of the Lord’s House
  3. Elders and the Church: Their Responsibilities to One Another
  4. The Book of Acts–Conversion of a Man from Africa

You can read these fine articles by clicking H-E-R-E.