Victor Eskew Gospel Meeting, November 2017


Please listen to these amazing sermons from Victor Eskew…

  1. The Inward Man, “The Inward Man,” AM Bible Class.
  2. 6 Keys to Victorious Church Growth, “6 Keys to Victorious Church Growth,” AM Sermon
  3. Resolved to Evangelize, “Resolved to Evangelize,” PM Sermon
  4. Christ Crucified, “Christ Crucified,” Monday Night
  5. Resolved to Be a GREAT Example, “Resolved to Be a GREAT Example,” Tuesday Night

Studies in Philippians

Studies in Philippians

by David Lemmons

We have begun to study the four chapters of Philippians on the radio program: WALKING IN TRUTH on WCBL, AM1290 and FM99.1, Benton, KY. As we proceed through this study, there will be placed here both the audio file used and a Study Guide for each chapter in PDF format. If these files are of use to you, please tell others of their availability here.


  1. Walking in Truth… Philippians 1
  2. Walking in Truth… Philippians 2
  3. Walking in Truth… Philippians 3
  4. Walking in Truth… Philippians 4


  1. Philippians 1
  2. Philippians 2
  3. Philippians 3
  4. Philippians 4

Study in Ephesians

by David Lemmons


We are studying the book of Ephesians on the radio program WALKING IN TRUTH. We will be uploading the audio files to this post, as well as a study guide for each of the six chapters in Ephesians. If the files are a help to you, please use the social media boxes below to tell others about their availability.

  1. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 1 Audio… Chapter 1
  2. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 2 Audio… Chapter 2
  3. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 3 Audio… Chapter 3
  4. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 4 Audio… Chapter 4
  5. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 5 Audio… Chapter 5
  6. Walking in Truth–Ephesians 6 Audio… Chapter 6


  1. Ephesians 1 Study Guide
  2. Ephesians 2 Study Guide
  3. Ephesians 3 Study Guide
  4. Ephesians 4 Study Guide
  5. Ephesians 5 Study Guide
  6. Ephesians 6 Study Guide


Studies in James

by David Lemmons


STUDIES IN JAMES… Our next New Testament Book to study on the radio program: WALKING IN TRUTH, is the Book of James. What a powerful book! It has only 108 verses, yet covers an amazing array of topics having to do with Christian living. It contains 59 imperatives. It is often referred to as THE GOSPEL OF COMMON SENSE. We are so much richer to have this wonderful epistle in our New Testaments.

Below we are listing both the audio files used on the radio and study guides for each chapter (each 8 to 10 pages long in PDF format). If you are helped by these study guides, please tell others about their availability.

WALKING IN TRUTH audio files


Studies in 2 Peter

by David Lemmons


We are continuing our weekly study on the radio of the 260 New Testament chapters. We are now ready to study from the book of 2 Peter. For three weeks we will have this post sticking to the top until we complete the three chapters. Below we will list first the audio files we are using with the WALKING IN TRUTH Radio Program. Then we will list the Study Guides that go along with the study of the chapters in 2 Peter. Please tell others about the availability of these files. The Study Guides are in PDF format and average 8 to 10 pages in length.

AUDIO FILES for Walking in Truth on 2 Peter…

STUDY GUIDES for 2 Peter…

Studies in 1 Peter

by David Lemmons


We continue in our study of the 260 New Testament chapters on our radio program, WALKING IN TRUTH. We have completed our study of Mark and will now move into the writings of the Apostle Peter. We will study the letters 1 Peter and 2 Peter. Below we will list the five audio files for the five chapters of 1 Peter, as we move through the material. Also, with each chapter we include an eight to ten page Study Guide in PDF format. These links will also be listed below, as they  become available.

Please tell others about these files being available. We would love to see many visits to this page. While we are studying 1 Peter, we will have this post “sticking” to the top of our home page.

AUDIO FILES (from the Radio Program: WALKING IN TRUTH)

  1. 1 Peter 1, Walking in Truth
  2. 1 Peter 2, Walking in Truth
  3. 1 Peter 3, Walking in Truth
  4. 1 Peter 4, Walking in Truth
  5. 1 Peter 5, Walking in Truth


  1. Study Guide for 1 Peter 1
  2. Study Guide for 1 Peter 2
  3. Study Guide for 1 Peter 3
  4. Study Guide for 1 Peter 4
  5. Study Guide for 1 Peter 5

Studies in Mark

by David Lemmons


We have studied the Book of Mark in our WALKING IN TRUTH radio program. We have looked at each of the sixteen chapters. We are hoping to supplement the 30-minute radio program by encouraging listeners to come to the website and take a look at study guides for each of the sixteen chapters. Hopefully these studies in Mark will be a help to many.

Sean Hochdorf writes about Mark…

The Gospel of Mark is a snapshot of the life of Christ. It unfolds in rapid fashion to the Roman brethren who were undergoing intense persecution. Mark encourages them to take faith in the Son of God and by so doing they will receive eternal bliss. The modern reader may take the same courage and comfort by reading the glorious account of John Mark. Indeed, the miracles performed by Christ state one thing, and one thing only, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God (Mark 1.1) and those who believe in Him, and are baptized, shall be saved (Mark 16.16) from the fires of eternal punishment. [The Revelation of the Mystery, Edited by Tommy J. Hicks, p. 76].


If you find these study guides helpful, please tell others where they can find them. You can use the social media boxes below this post.