Fundamentals of Worship

by Stan Crowley

The sermon is “The Fundamentals of Worship” and emphasizes the way the Bible teaches that we should follow God’s instructions.

It draws a logical parallel between adding other kinds of food on the Lord’s Table to the two we read about in the New Testament (bread and fruit of the vine) and adding other kinds of music to the one kind we read about in the New Testament (singing).


Anywhere with Jesus

by David Lemmons

Kris Simmons and others working with him are doing a GREAT job with the Young Men’s Training Class. We are so thankful for this good activity as they meet on Sunday evenings before the regular assembly. One of the things they are doing is learning about singing. One assignment involved learning the song: “Anywhere with Jesus.” I thought you might like to listen to 6-year old Maverick singing the song…

Anywhere with Jesus

GREAT Congregational Singing

by David Lemmons

In Search of the Lord's Way--Congregational Singing

The TV program: In Search of the Lord’s Way, has updated their website. A part of that update includes a page of mp3 recordings of congregational singing. You can go to their site and listen to the music streaming, or you can download the mp3 files by RIGHT-Clicking. The singing is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a blessing! When I counted the songs available (27 Sep 2013), there were 192 songs. WOW! Great congregational singing is now available to the world from this great site. Take a listen…                  Click H-E-R-E.

P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L Singing

by Neal Pollard

DRL NoteIt is my intention to be posting some good teaching about the subject of worship each Sunday morning. Some may subscribe to this post by Email and may have opportunity before leaving for worship to read such articles centered on WORSHIP. I think that ought to be a helpful thing. Today I have selected an article which I found on Preacherpollard’s Blog:  I hope this article about the importance of SINGING in our worship, written by Neal Pollard, will help you.

To read Neal Pollard’s post about POWERFUL SINGING, please click H-E-R-E.