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Is There a God?

Published on August 1, 2013

Is there a God? You know virtually every person in the world has asked this question. Some people say there is no such thing as God. Others are firmly convinced He exists, and some people, they don’t really seem to know and they don’t really seem to care.

Is there a God? Have you asked this question? We explore this answer in this video: Does every effect have a cause? Is our Universe designed? Where does Morality originate?


Study Guide for Acts 4

by David Lemmons


In this chapter we find the persecution from the Jews beginning.  Peter and John are arrested for preaching about Jesus rising from the dead.  Rapid growth is taking place from the efforts of the apostles and others of the Jerusalem church, now reaching 5,000 men.  Peter and John give their defense before the Council.  The boldness of these two apostles was noticed.  The power of the signs produced by the apostles was doing its work of confirming their word.  In verse 20 we find a great truth that needs to be memorized and practiced by every gospel preacher.  That the early church believed in the power of prayer is evident in this chapter.  Their prayer was not to avoid suffering, but rather to have the boldness to continue spreading the message.  These early Christians were a sharing and caring group.  We have in this chapter our first mention of Barnabas as he sells some land and gives it to the apostles.

I have created a study guide for Acts 4. You can find it by clicking H-E-R-E. It includes notes, questions, applications, puzzles, and links to online articles.

Step by Step

by David Lemmons

2013 VBS Logo--It's a Blue Ribbon Life

We are in the middle of Vacation Bible School at Maple Hill. Our members have worked hard to provide an interesting and fun study of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5.22-23). I am very thankful for all of the good effort that has gone into this special work. A love of our young people is obvious in the lives of our adults! I am so thankful for that. We need to do all that we can to encourage them.

Last night I attempted to lead a song. It is a simple song. However, the tune simply left my mind and was not coming back. I think I will likely try again tonight. I have listened to it a few more times. Some of you from Maple Hill may receive this post by Email and might like to listen to the song so you can help me out tonight. The recording I have was done by youth in West Kentucky in 2005. The song title is: STEP BY STEP. Here it is in mp3 format…