DRL Note: The first two meetings had already been posted to my personal blog site, so I am simply posting a link to those places. Subsequent audio from meetings will be located here.

2011 Gospel Meeting with Lexie B. RayThis great preacher is a Marshall County preacher. He preaches for the Fairdealing congregation. His lessons included these topics.

  1. You Are Special
  2. Being Responsible Like Jesus
  3. Forgiveness
  4. How to Tell Right from Wrong
  5. 5 Views of Mark 16.16
  6. Take Time to Be Holy
  7. God’s Great Promise
  8. If I Only Had One Sermon to Preach

2012 Gospel Meeting with John T. Polk. Theme: Putting God in Our Knowledge. July 8-13, 2012. Topics discussed…

  1. Joy to the World
  2. Titanic Lessons
  3. The Missing Books of the Bible
  4. The Approved Prophet
  5. The Proven Bible
  6. The God with Proof
  7. The “PC” Life
  8. The Purpose of Life

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