Calling on the Name of the Lord

by David Lemmons


I have uploaded the audio file which will be used on Sunday’s edition of WALKING IN TRUTH. This will be a study of part of Acts 2. Particularly, we study Acts 2.21, and the statement: whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. The concept of CALLING ON THE NAME OF THE LORD is greatly misunderstood by many folks. I am hopeful that this message might help some of our neighbors in Marshall County and any who find it on this site. I made use of James D. Bales’ book, The Hub of the Bible in presenting this message. If you think it is helpful, please, share the link to this post with others, or use one of the SHARE WITH opportunities below this post to tell others about it. You can either listen to the message streaming from the player below, or download it by clicking the arrow.